We are law firm

We protect your digital freedom in the world of new technologies



Our Vision

„Our goal is to develop the values of personal freedom, privacy protection and decentralization in a close connection with modern technologies.“



When You need it, We are here for you



We will design and implement a suitable legal framework for your business plan.


We will provide you with complementary services including tax, accounting and AML compliance.


We will represent you in proceedings between you and public authorities just as in civil litigations.


We will connect you with people who could help you with implementation of your project.


How we work


Your data is safe with us

Trust is the foundation of advocacy since ancient times. With the development of new technologies new threats emerge, but new ways how to keep the data safe as well. We store our client’s data using providers who honor the zero-trust approach when we are the only party holding the encryption keys. Not even our providers can access the data.

We use secure communication services for communication. Our e-mails are hosted on Swiss service Protonmail (end-to-end encrypted email service using PGP). We also use applications with end-to-end encryption for mobile communication (Signal, Threema etc.).



We are crypto friendly

We enjoy cryptocurrencies! Not only as a subject of our professional interest but also as a decentralized digital currency. We believe that cryptocurrencies are the future and so we have decided to extend their use to the sphere of legal services.

For all services, whether related to cryptocurrencies or not, you have the option to pay with common cryptocurrencies. We accept Bitcoin, Monero, Ethereum and Litecoin. Should you wish to pay in different cryptocurrency, let us know and we will try to meet your needs.



We specialize but we have an open mind

Law is a broad field and our way for delivering quality and effective services is specialization – we have chosen the area of blockchain technology and we want to be the best. If the need arises, we involve other specialists and share know-how.

Therefore, we are capable of delivering our services in the highest quality even for complex projects which interconnect with more areas of law even beyond our expertise. We honor the ground rule “two heads are better than one“ and not the “we know-it-all“ approach..



We apply the open-source principles to law

The concept of open-source is very close to us and we think that it can be applied in legal areas just as well as in the area of software development. We do not see law as a closed cabinet system, but we take the view that law can be more open through the concept of open-source and thus it can contribute to the legal awareness in the society.

For the future, we have a plan to create a free public platform for sharing legal know-how.


You have the right to remain silent

But You can safely share it with us, we act fairly and securely.