Právní služby v oblasti blockchainu a kryptoměn.

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Exchanges, mining,
investment, entrepreneurship
and inheritance


tokenization of other assets,
private investors


ICT projects,
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Trading platforms and exchanges


Customers, service providers, financial regulation, AML/KYC, GDPR – we know what you have to deal with and how.

From the legal perspective, the operation of trading platforms and exchanges is among the most difficult activities. Often there are no established processes and it is necessary to come up with entirely new models and structures. Based on our experience, knowledge of regulations and creative approach we will provide you with complex counselling.

Mining and 
node operation


From legal relations with investors to purchase or lease contracts on mining equipment.

Have you invested a considerable amount in mining or staking? Do you rent computing power? Do you have to install the mining hardware in rented offices? Do you need to negotiate a favourable investment for the expansion of mining capacity? Are you negotiating about getting investments for expansion of mining capacity? We have already advised our clients in all these cases and we will gladly to do it for you as well.

Investment in and management of cryptocurrency portfolios


A bull market increases the value of portfolios, a bear market emphasises the value of well-written contracts.

If you have been successful in acquiring clients interested in portfolio management, we salute you. However, we know very well that investors‘ enthusiasm can very quickly turn to despair triggered by several months of decline. That is why in these situations it is essential to have expertly drafted legal documentation.

Management of someone else’s portfolio can also be burdened with regulations and licenses. Are you afraid of them? You don’t have to be. We will guide you through the whole process and suggest an effective solution for the management of investments of several private investors and for setting up an investment fund with an international overlap.

Cryptocurrency trading


Are you a professional trader, do you have problems with market transactions or are you a victim of a hacker attack on a trading platform, if so we can arrange everything you need.

When trading cryptocurrencies, you are almost always finding yourself in an international environment, where the contract law of the trading platform is often the governing law. Quality legal counseling in trading assumes a good knowledge of trade terms of a trading platform and of the practice of its operation. We not only have both but we also have extensive experience in preparing complex legal documentation for cryptocurrency trading platforms and exchanges.

Cryptocurrencies in your business


Accept payments or pay employees in cryptocurrencies and diversify your assets.

By accepting cryptocurrencies in your business, you almost immediately expand your circle of potential customers. Generally, just a small change in the terms and conditions is sufficient to accept payments in cryptocurrencies. If you wish to use cryptocurrencies in your business, we can prepare tailor-made internal regulations for setting up procedures for transactions with cryptocurrencies and its storage.

Do you want to pay your employees part of their salary in cryptocurrencies? We can help you set the whole process up, including the accounting. Read about the whole process here.

Inheritance and cryptocurrencies


If you want to secure your cryptocurrency assets after death, we can set-up the process for you with the inheritance procedure in mind.

Cryptocurrencies are, from the inheritance perspective, exceptional, because you cannot depend on everything being solved by a third person after your death (by relatives, a notary or a court). When it comes to cryptocurrencies, you have to be active during your life to prevent irreversible loss of your cryptoassets. We can prepare tailor-made legal documentation which will secure your wishes when you are gone, recommend safeguards for your cryptocurrencies and offer a storage solution for sensitive information.

ICO and tokensale


ICO (Initial Coin Offering)


Take advantage of a favourable environment for crowdfunding and get a new source of financing for your plans.

Blockchain has brought an entirely new phenomenon into the area of crowdfunding. It was never so easy in the past to create a well secured and worldwide transferable instrument for the acquisition of new capital such as a digital token. Do you need additional financing for running your business? Or funding for a promising start-up? Or even finances for a non-profit project?

All of this is possible while addressing both local and global markets. We will provide complete legal support for crowdfunding your project, including drafting legal contracts, public regulation advisory and the recommendation of tax professionals, software developers or marketing professionals.

Tokenisation of tangible or intangible assets


We will provide you with a legal solution for the tokenisation of tangible or intangible assets (e.g. estates, claims etc.).

Does your business include the buying and selling of tangible or intangible assets? Would you like to divide them into smaller tradable units or shares? All of this is possible using the new concept of digital tokens on blockchain platforms. We will set up a functional legal solution taking into account all relevant regulations of asset tokenisation. Should the utilisation of tokens not be suitable for your business, we will suggest other solutions.

Private Investors


Tailor-made contract documentation for businesses and investors.

Are you in the process of sourcing investments or conversely are you an investor looking for investment opportunities? We will prepare complete contract documentation, safeguarding your assets.


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