Právní služby v oblasti blockchainu a kryptoměn.

Let’s communicate securely


What is the best way to contact us?


If you are interested in our legal services, leave us as message at Please describe shortly what legal services you are seeking.

If you wish to use encryption for communication (inline PGP), Here you can download a public key for the contact address. Our email uses the service Protonmail. If you use your own Protonmail account, our communication will be encrypted automatically without the need of further setting.

Tell us your preferred means of communication. If you state a mobile number, we will primarily contact you through the Signal app.

What follows the first contact?


One of the members of our team will respond. Following the specific circumstances of your case, we usually suggest a personal meeting for the purposes of getting acquainted and for clarification of your goals and expectations. If suitable, legal services can also be provided without a personal meeting (using electronic communication).

After clarification of your assignment, we will prepare price offer together with the time estimate. If you agree with the offer of our services, we will send you a proposal of an agreement to provide legal services. Once the agreement to provide legal services is signed (even if by means of electronic communication), we will immediately start working on your project.

What is our pricing?


In suitable cases, we offer legal services for a flat rate or alternatively we set a maximum price which will not be exceeded no matter the time spent.

In the cases when we are not able to determine or influence the difficulty, we work at an individually agreed hourly rate according to effective time we spend working on your project. We will transparently inform you of the costs on a regular basis.

We will do our best to comply with your wishes if you happen to have specific demands for the price determination of our services. We usually ask new clients for an advance amounting to 80% of the expected price.

Is the first meeting paid?


We will inform you in advance in case we want you to pay for the first meeting. If we do not tell you in advance that the meeting will be paid, it is free.


When do we start?

Leave us a message at